About this website

This website is primarily the central hub and hosting spot for my various online activities and projects I want to share.

In the past, I've used a combination of WordPress blogs, Google Sites sites, Tumblr blogs, and more to store and share the things I make online. Thus, with this one site, I hope to compile it all together so anyone wanting to know about what I can do or have done can come to this one place. Here, you can interact with all the things I've made: various software projects to download, visual and other assets to view and download, and online web applications to use right here.

While a main goal of this site is clearly to host the things I want to share with the world, I also hope that the things I make prove useful to people and make people want to come visit my site to continue looking at, downloading, and utilizing them.

How it was built

This website is built using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages.

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages includes a lot of features out of the box for me to utilize on this website, allowing me to more simply focus upon building content for here. This includes the user account management system, being able to put together pages with a consistent UI (such as the navigation bar at the top of every page), handling a lot of the lower-level routing and security considerations with ease, and being able to easily combine static info with custom code to create a dynamic website.

Honestly, this setup being perfect for me as it combined my existing knowledge of the C# language and my prior experience meddling with pure HTML/JavaScript. After getting over the initial hurdle of not understanding the parts that were new to me, it's been surprisingly easy for me to shape this site in exactly the way I want.

For some web applications on the site, I also use ASP.NET Core's Blazor features.

Additional info

.NET version: 8.0.3

Running on Linux, on Microsoft Azure

Third-Party Credits

This website is closed source (although 100% closed source isn't a thing that can be achieved on the Internet), but I utilize a number of third-party libraries to help me make this what it is: