This is the home page for a lot of the software I've developed and released over the years. Some of it will be old and tacky, but others will be new and well-maintained. I'll try to let you know which is which!

Maintained projects

Solid Shine UI

UI library for .NET Framework / .NET Core WPF projects, with extra customization and added controls/dialogs.

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Dj Blue

Configurable and powerful audio player, suited for local events and usage on Discord.

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Create and edit Pathfinder character sheets on your Windows computer - no installation needed!

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A basic localization program for hobbyist developers

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Older projects

These are projects that are of reasonable quality or usefulness, but that I haven't made any updates to in a while (and don't plan on updating). Some of it may have out-of-date prerequisites.

Shine Calendar

A customizable Windows calendar program, for local and online calendars

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A Java console program that connects to and works with MySQL servers; good as a starting point for your own MySQL-connected program

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An old program that can detect and blur faces in images; uses OpenCV and EmguCV

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Really old stuff

These are projects that I made long ago while I was still getting my footing on how to code. No guarantees in regards to code quality or anything like that.


A Java program that allowed you to use your keyboard to play MIDI notes. Keyboard visual doesn't actually do anything

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PCT Maker

A small app to help create custom themes for toolbars/menus for WinForms apps. Kind of buggy, but it works!

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LTFunctions 2.1

Old math expression evaluator, written in VB.NET. Supported sine, cosine, and preset variables. One of the first "releases" I ever made.

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