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This website is built and managed by Jayke Huempfner, and will function as the central hub for everything I do online. I'll be hosting some web apps here, as well as linking to where I'm showcasing other major projects I'm working on.

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I am a hobbyist programmer in the state of Wisconsin (United States). I've been programming for over 8 years, since my time contributing to the open-source project Better Explorer. Since then, I've worked on my own various projects in my free time. Most recent projects include a calendar program and online and desktop editors for tabletop RPG character sheets. Practically every month, I discover something that I delve way too deep into, meaning my tweets and interests vary wildly.

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This website is built entirely by me, combining out-of-the-box features of ASP.NET Core with various bits I pick up from online or discover myself. This site will be evolving and improving as I develop more things and get better at ASP.NET, but everything that's public is in a stable, usable state.

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