About Me

Image of me 1 - smiling with colorful shirt Image of me 2 - giving thumbs up in front of bright lights Image of me 3 - photoshopped image of me holding a fork Image of me 4 - looking at a computer screen Image of me 5 - holding my head in my hands, wearing yellow mittens

I am Jayke R. Huempfner, pronouns he/him. I am a young and enthuiastic hobbyist programmer, but I also enjoy various other things. I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States, with my spouse Rit and our little doggo Scrabble. Despite being a Wisconsinite, I hate the cold (but I do love cheese).

My day job is currently in the transportation industry (although I've mostly had call center experience before), so I only have my spare time to build this website, work on other projects, and engage in my interests.

Programming / UI Design History

I've been programming in earnest since 2008, although I've tinkered with computer software (particularly Windows and Office) for practically my whole life.

Nowadays, I currently use C# as my primary language. I've coupled that with WPF to create desktop apps for Windows, but I'm trying to branch out into other things like building this website and trying Avalonia UI and .NET MAUI to build apps for multiple platforms.

I've tried to put together big projects over the years, such as making my own game engine, a calendar program, and more. I'm still learning and I'm still trying, my hope is to put out more releasable products in the coming years.

For a more detailed history on me and my programming experience, please visit the My Programming History page.

Other Passions

Over the years, I've taken an interest in a number of things, usually at an amateur level. I like looking at the world around me, thinking "why is that the way it is" and then figuring out the answer.

Random interests I have (that isn't consuming media, I'll list those in a bit) include animation, astronomy, city/highway design, geopolitics and history, and video production.

I try to be an open and understanding person. I recognize as a white, straight-passing male American, I've enjoyed a number of privileges others have not had. There's definitely areas that I still need to learn more about, and things I recognize I will truly never understand, but my goal is to try to be considerate, welcoming, and friendly to everyone around me.

I love meeting people and connecting with people over common interests, but I am admittedly pretty bad at initiating conversations.

Media I Like

Here is a list of shows/movies/anime/games/YouTube channels that I enjoy and consider myself a fan of, in no particular order.

Social Media and Online Presences

With the recent changes occurring on Twitter, it's lead me to reconsider my usage of social media and what websites I spend time on. As part of this, I wrote a lengthy letter about my thoughts and experiences. If, for some reason, you want to read it, it is available for you to read here: