About Me

Note: I'll update this more later.

I am Jayke R. Huempfner, a young and enthusiastic hobbyist programmer.

My day job is currently in the transportation industry (although I've mostly had call center experience before), so I only have my spare time to build this website, work on other projects, and engage in my interests.

Programming History

I've been doing computer programming / software design since 2008, while I was in 8th grade, when I purchased a book which taught me how to use Visual Basic and which included a copy of Visual Studio Express Edition 2008. I've encountered and attempted to understand code prior to this, but this book is what opened the door for me to begin programming in earnest.

Since my Visual Basic days in middle school and high school, I picked up both Java and C#. I use C# as my primary language of choice, but I've also done small things in C++, Python, and JavaScript.

Through high school, after picking up programming through Visual Basic, I joined onto the Better Explorer project and worked on that for multiple years; volunteering my time with this was a treat for me, as I worked under Dimitar who ran the project and was a professional programmer. With Dimitar's guidance, I was able to pick up C#.

During my time in college and afterwards, I began dedicating my time to larger and larger projects, such as building my own game engine, a calendar program, and a digital system for creating and editing Pathfinder RPG character sheets. Not all of these projects ended up with a final releasable product, but with every project I poured time into, I learned something new that I never experienced before.

Currently, as mentioned, C# is my programming language of choice, and I often use it in combination with WPF to make desktop Windows apps. C# is great in my mind due to the various features included with it, and how many areas of programming it's available for: desktop, mobile, game development, web (via ASP.NET), and even more. I particularly enjoy building desktop apps, but unfortunately WPF is a Windows-only system. I have a goal to learn a cross-platform system, particularly Avalonia UI (or .NET MAUI as a backup), but I haven't achieved that much so far.

Looking forward, my goal is to continue working on my current projects and start putting out releasable products, such as SSUI, Pathfinder JSON, Dj Blue, and more. My next goals are also to branch out into other areas of programming, particularly a cross-platform UI system and more with web and mobile development.

Art/Media History

I'll add this section later