About Me

Note: I'll update this more later.

I am Jayke R. Huempfner, a young and enthusiastic hobbyist programmer.

My day job is currently in the transportation industry (although I've mostly had call center experience before), so I only have my spate time to build this website, work on other projects, and engage in my interests.

Programming History

I've been doing computer programming / software design since 2008, while I was in 8th grade, when I purchased a book which taught me how to use Visual Basic and which included a copy of Visual Studio Express Edition 2008. I've encountered and attempted to understand code prior to this, but this book is what opened the door for me to begin programming in earnest.

Since my Visual Basic days in middle school and high school, I picked up both Java and C#. I use C# as my primary language of choice, but I've also done small things in C++, Python, and JavaScript.