Privacy Policy is an online service that allows users to store and utilize data. An online account is required to access and use some of the features of, and with the creation of an account, some info will be requested and stored. This can include things like your name and email address. This information that is stored on this site is used solely for the purposes of this site, and is not shared with any other services or stored elsewhere.

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You have a right to your privacy. allows you to be able to download all data associated with your account, and you are also able to delete and completely remove your account and all data associated with it at any time. For more information about your privacy and how we protect it, please view the Privacy section of the Terms of Use.

About Cookies

A "cookie" is a small text file that a website can ask your browser to store, either until you close your browser or until a certain amount of time has passed. Cookies stay on your computer as you navigate through the Internet. Other websites will use cookies to do things like keep track of your identity as you visit different parts of the Internet, provide you with targeted advertising, or offer you the ability to directly share webpages or articles with social media. does not use cookies for these purposes. uses cookies to be able to perform certain functions, such as keeping you logged in, actively remembering what data you're currently working on, to keep you and this site secure, and more.

Cookies are also used to collect some anonymous data as you visit this website. This is only for basic things like "are you using a desktop computer or a mobile phone" or "what country do you live in", as well as a basic list of what webpages you visit as you go through my site. This information is used solely for the purposes of me figuring out things like what parts of my site are most popular, how many people are visiting my site, and where is my site most popular. I could've enabled more advanced features to get a more detailed idea of who you are as a person and more info about the pages you visit and the things you do, but I haven't enabled them. This isn't information that really interests me. I don't need to know who you are individually; I just want to know if people, as a whole, like my site.

(I could've also enabled some options to share this anonymous collected data with other sources, but I also do not have those enabled. That, again, doesn't match with what I want to do. Also, it just kind of gives me a bit of a weird feeling in my stomach to consider.)

Anyway, as you navigate around my site, just know there are some cookies here. You can delete these cookies at any time; the worst that'll happen is you'll lose some unsaved data if you're editing a file or something.