Dj Blue


Dj Blue is a configurable audio player, perfect for situations where you're hosting events either locally or via Discord. Set up some playlists, optionally enable some audio effects, and let the program go! And if you need to change things along the way, make your changes without interrupting the current music stream and have it change over when you're all set!

Create and manage playlists

The core of Dj Blue is playlists. Once you have a playlist set up, you can start playing tracks from it. While you're playing tracks from one playlist, you can then create another playlist, add tracks to that one, and then when you're ready, have Dj Blue switch over to start playing this new list once it's done with the current track! The playlist you work on doesn't need to be the same one that's currently playing.

You can create, manage, import, and export multiple playlists all at once!

Play locally or via Discord

You're able to play audio via the speakers you have connected to your device for local events, or use the included Discord bot to begin playing audio via Discord. No matter how you play, the outcome is the same: a stream of audio playing from the playlists you build!

The included Discord bot has a wide variety of settings so you can control how it's used. Allow other users to use and control the bot, or simply limit it so you have complete control from the GUI.

Import from a variety of sources

Use audio files on your computer, or download audio from files stored online or from YouTube videos.