Dj Blue Command Reference

This is a list of commands that can be used to control Dj Blue.

Commands can be entered via the Discord bot, if commands are enabled, or via the command-line on the computer running Dj Blue.

Certain commands are only available via Discord or the command-line, but most of them work on either. Please refer to the table below for more info.

Discord Bot

For the Discord bot, the bot must have commands enabled via either of the two settings in the "Enable Commands" section of the Discord bot settings.

Commands are executed as !pause or !volume 40, with the prefix (!) being customizable via the "Command Prefix" setting in the Discord bot settings.

Responses to the commands (indicating if they were successful or an error occurred) takes place in the same Discord text channel where the command was executed. These responses can be either turned off entirely or set to only write responses if an error occurs, via the "Respond to Commands" setting in the Discord bot settings.


Command-line commands can be entered by using Windows's Command Prompt, working on the folder that Dj Blue is installed onto (or, if Dj Blue is included in the PATH variable, anywhere on your computer).

Commands are executed as djblue pause or djblue volume 40. Using DjBlue.exe in place of djblue works as well.

These commands work by executing a second instance of Dj Blue with the command, this second instance transfers the command to the existing instance, and the existing instance executes it. If Dj Blue is not already running, the first command will simply start Dj Blue and no command-processing occurs. This can be determined if the program doesn't exit within a few seconds.

Responses to the commands (indicating if they were successful or an error occurred) takes place in the Output Log window in Dj Blue. Nothing is output to the console itself.


Command name Description Parameter Options Example Available in Discord Available via command-line
play Play an already opened playlist, or open a playlist file and play it filename - path to file (use quotes if filename has spaces)
-n "playlist_name" - (name mode), the name of an already opened list
play "C:\My Playlist.djp"
play -n "My Playlist"
Yes, advanced access (only name mode)
play "My Playlist"
open Open a playlist file filename - path to file (use quotes if filename has spaces) open "C:\My Playlist.djp" No Yes
create Create a new playlist filename - path to file (use quotes if filename has spaces, random title used) filename title - path to file, and title of playlist -d filename - (default folder mode), the name (not path) of the file in the default folder (title matches filename) -d filename title - (default folder mode), the name of the file, and title of playlist create "C:\My Playlist.djp"
create C:\MyList.djp "My Playlist" create -d NewList.djp "My New Playlist"
Yes, advanced access (only default folder mode)
create MyList
join Join a Discord audio channel channel_name - name of audio channel to join
  • If no channel is specified, Dj Blue will attempt to join the audio channel that the person who ran the command is in
  • If that person is not in a channel, the command fails
join General
Yes, basic access No
Send a Discord DM informing about Dj Blue and how to use it None help
Yes, basic access No
pause Pause playing music None pause Yes, basic access Yes
resume Resume paused music None resume Yes, basic access Yes
stop Stop playing all music None stop Yes, basic access Yes
skip Stop playing the current track and immediately move to the next track None skip Yes, basic access Yes
playmode Set the play mode for the currently playing playlist There are four play modes to select from, any of the corresponding options are viable for that particular play mode.
  • in order once, 0, once: play in order. at end of the playlist, stop playing
  • in order repeat, 1, repeat: play in order. at end of the playlist, restart from beginning
  • shuffle, 2: continuously play tracks in random order
  • stop after this track, 3, stop: once the current track ends, stop playing
For options with spaces (i.e. "in order once"), hyphens can be used or spaces can be ommitted (i.e. "in-order-once" or "inorderonce")
playmode shuffle
playmode in order once
playmode inorderrepeat
playmode 3
Yes, advanced access Yes
volume Set the output volume for playback volume: a number between 0 and 100 volume 20 Yes, basic access Yes
mute Toggle muting audio during playback None mute Yes, basic access Yes
setspeed Set the playback speed for the current track speed: a percentage between 5 and 500
100% is normal speed
setspeed 150 Yes, advanced access Yes
setpitch Set the playback pitch for the current track pitch: a number between -60 and 60
0 is normal pitch. measured in semitones
setpitch 3 Yes, advanced access Yes