Credits / Acknowledgements

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Developed/compiled by Jayke R. Huempfner (JaykeBird)
Contains work by Manuel Schweigert, Pete Laker, Steve Lautenschlager, Richard Moss (Cyotek Ltd.), Warren Galyen (Mechanika Design), Yassine (Stopbyte), Hector Pulido, Sebastien Lambla, Nimgoble, and H.A. Sullivan. See website for more details.
Licensed under MIT License

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Developed by Jayke R. Huempfner (JaykeBird), other contributors
Licensed under MIT License. See website for more details.

Full credits

Library developed by Jacob R. Huempfner -

Flat window based upon Manuel Schweigert's work:

BindableChild by Pete Laker

Color to Hex-string function by Steve Lautenschlager:

Color palette file support based upon work by Richard Moss (Cyotek Ltd.) ( and Warren Galyen (Mechanika Design) (

IntegerSpinner and DoubleSpinner controls based upon work of Yassine (Stopbyte):

ArithmeticParser based upon Hector Pulido's work:

SelectPanel scrolling based upon Sebastien Lambla's work:

AutoCompleteBehavior by Nimgoble:

Windows-style wildcard matching by H.A. Sullivan: